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Sibling Sexual Trauma

Do you want to help raise awareness of SST?
Do you want to share your story?

5WAVES is a nonprofit promoting Worldwide Awareness, Voice, Education and Support around Sibling Sexual Trauma--child sexual abuse caused by a sibling. After the recent TEDx talk given by 5WAVES cofounder Jane Epstein, and an article in People Magazine featuring both Jane's story as well as Hope Sittler's story, cofounder of 5WAVES and mom coping with SST in her family, there has been an outpouring of interest from sibling sexual trauma Survivors who want to help raise awareness and some who want to share their story. 


If you are interested in collaborating to raise awareness about sibling sexual trauma and abuse there are ways for you to be involved both publicly and also without having your identity known or compromised. The form below will help you let us know how you feel most comfortable contributing.


Nothing you answer in this form is binding. You can change your mind about any of the answers to any of the questions at any time. 


If you don't want to complete the form for any reason but want to connect with one of the cofounders of 5WAVES who are also SST Survivors, please email and we will do our best to be in touch as soon as we are able. 


If you are looking for more information and resources about SST, please visit

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