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Our Values


Guiding Principles

We represent all facets of sibling sexual trauma and seek to support all those who are affected. 


We value and amplify the voices of lived experience. We support survivors to define their own experience of trauma. 

We stand in belief and solidarity with everyone of any age who reports any type of child sexual abuse.


We respect the value and humanity of each person, understanding that behavior alone does not define a person’s worth.


We strive to include and represent people of any culture, gender, age, severity of actions, type of trauma response, family structure, physical and mental abilities and diversities.


Our decisions and resources will be informed by both scientific evidence and lived experience.


We view sibling sexual trauma/abuse as primarily a public health issue.


We believe that restorative, rehabilitative, and criminal justice are all valid options. We support those affected to choose any approach they feel is best for their situation.


We strive to act through connection, collaboration and cohesion with organizations and individuals whose goals are aligned with ours. 


We support prioritizing our own self-care, mental health, and family stability.

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