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Recovered Memories of

Sexual Abuse are

True Memories

a collaboration with IncestAware

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We met in England!  

5WAVES had an incredible opportunity to attend and present at the NOTA International Conference, 

May 1-3, 2024.  Our presentation will describe our collaboration on a parents of SST research survey, introduce what 5WAVES has to offer, and highlight the voices of those with lived experience. We will be learning and meeting others working in the field of sibling sexual trauma and abuse. AND, it was the first time our entire 5WAVES team has ever met in person!

Download & Watch:
2024 #SiblingsToo Day Resources Pack 
featuring Maria Socolof &
Jane Epstein of 5WAVES

Now available for all to read:

The Sunday Times cover story on the realities of sibling sexual abuse, featuring 5WAVES & our cofounder Jane Epstein. Excellent article to share and spread awareness! 

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