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Share Your Skills with 5WAVES

5WAVES began and continues as a volunteer effort. All five co-founders participate as volunteers, and we sincerely appreciate the efforts of all who have offered their services. 

Click on the links below to let us know what skills and interests you have to share and to be notified when opportunities arise. Those who submit the volunteer interest survey will also get invitations to voluntary Zoom calls every other month, with a 5WAVES cofounder and other volunteers. If you're ready to meet others affected by SST, this is a great way to connect. 

Volunteering with Childrenjpg
Using a Tablet

This is our newest support group. It has separate channels for survivors, parents, volunteers, other friends, family, and partners, with the capacity to add more sub-groups. It is aimed at reaching younger adults, as well as those who are not comfortable joining a group on Facebook.  We need to gain a critical mass of participants to really get it off the ground. Fill out this form to join. 

5WAVES Volunteer Wish List
  • Finding grants

  • Writing grants

  • Proofreading webpages

  • Creating & managing social media

  • Moderating and/or participating in online support communities

  • Traditional & news media relations

  • Translating or proofreading translation for websites


Thank you to all our volunteers!

We see you and we appreciate you!

Moderators, proofreaders, web and platform designers, writers, those who send words of encouragement to us and to others, who are sharing our materials and messages, & more--You know who you are!

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