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Share Your Story

Protecting Yourself When Sharing Your Story

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Telling your story as a survivor of sibling sexual trauma/abuse can be a healing experience. It can let others know they are not alone. It can also bring trauma, and drama, to the surface. We recommend finding trusted sources of support and taking extra care of yourself if you decide to go through this process.  This publication, from the Marie Collins Foundation, has information and advice, from victims and survivors of child sexual abuse who have shared their experiences, for victims and survivors who are considering sharing.

Share Your Story for Research

Protect Children's Our Voice survey is collecting responses from anyone who was sexually harmed as a child. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and is available in 16 languages (and counting). The results will be shared with policy makers worldwide to inform better understanding, prevention, and response to all types of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Including your voice in the survey will ensure that sibling sexual abuse is represented among the results. 

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SSA Survivor and Activist Nancy Morris of is collecting anonymous, non-traceable stories to use for narrative research and to inform her podcast series. Survivors, parents, and those who have caused harm in the past are all welcome to participate.

Share Your Story for Public Awareness

The Sibling Aggression and Abuse Story Archive at the Crimes Against Children Research Center, University of New Hampshire, has a survey to securely submit written accounts of your experiences, the impact it has had on you, and/or any advice you would offer to others. In sharing, you are giving permission for your words to be quoted anonymously for illustrative purposes in their online and print resources for survivors, supporters, and helpers. 

Brave Voices is a survivor-led organization with a mission to "end child sexual assault by breaking the silence that perpetuates child sexual abuse." Brave Voices offers guidance on how to share your story through an audio interview, collected by Archive Storycorps.

Share Your Story with Other Survivors

The Power of YOU is a project of EmpowerSurvivors. They will post your unedited, written personal story of child sexual abuse, recovery, and healing (500 words or less).  "EmpowerSurvivors believes that by sharing our stories of childhood sexual abuse and recovery we begin to lose the grip shame can have on us. It is also a way to reach other survivors who may be living in silence and have never heard someone else's story of abuse, healing, and wellness."

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"At Saprea, we believe that creating a strong community of survivors is a key way to inspire hope and promote healing. You are not alone on this journey and healing is possible. Saprea invites survivors who wish to share their story to submit it here and help break the silence" on child sexual abuse. Stories may be edited for length and readability. 

Share Your Story on a Podcast

The #SiblingsToo podcast is the first and only podcast dedicated entirely to sibling sexual abuse. Since 2018, SSA Survivor Nancy Morris has been broadcasting a wide range of voices and perspectives on sibling sexual abuse. She has interviewed survivors, parents, researchers, therapists, journalists, an attorney, an offender, and more. She has also told her story. Get in touch via

HUSH No More with Dr. Vanessa hosts survivors and activists to share their experiences, guidance, and awareness on the Hush Topics, including child sexual abuse. Support her page, and submit this form to indicate your interest in an interview.  

Handing the Shame Back is a podcast hosted by Gloria Masters, devoted to supporting adult survivors of child sexual abuse and sharing their voices. If you are interested in possibly being interviewed, submit this form to indicate your interest and begin the process.

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