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Be Ready to Support Survivors


Words Matter

  • If anyone shares their own unwanted, confusing, or abusive sexual experience with you, respect the language they choose to describe it.

  • Steer general conversations, in-person and online, toward accurate and respectful terminology toward children who have caused or experienced sexual harm.  

  • Children “report” sexual abuse; they do not “accuse” or “allege” unwanted sexual activity.

  • Children and teens cannot be diagnosed with pedophilia or labeled as “pedophiles”.

  • Children and teens who sexually harm others need to be steered toward treatment and need to take responsibility and face appropriate consequences; however, they should not be labeled as “monsters,” “perpetrators,” or “sex offenders”. 

Keep Children Safe Online

  • If children ever come to your house or use any of your devices, set up a child-safe account and protect them from accessing adult or admin accounts. 

  • Even if you never view explicit materials–but especially if you do–children can access this content very quickly and easily, intentionally or accidentally, with tragic consequences for themselves and other children.

  • Grandparents could offer to fund family safety internet controls.

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