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Help Us Make Waves!

5WAVES, the first-ever nonprofit specifically dedicated to representing and serving those affected by sibling sexual trauma and abuse, launched in 2022.  

We are fundraising $500,000 for our first year to help reach our goals as outlined below.  Every person can help make a difference!


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5WAVES, Inc. is organized and operated as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. IRS recognition of 501(c)(3) status is pending and expected.

Your Donations Will Help Fund These Goals 

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Chart is for illustrative purposes only; not to scale.

  • Personal  and Family Support 

Millions are living with sibling sexual trauma, yet remain hidden and isolated. 5WAVES will provide connections and help so no one will have to face this complex trauma alone.

  • Research 

We need to learn what is actually happening, what works to prevent it, and how best to help all who are affected. 5WAVES seeks to support research that will bring evidence-based solutions for real lives.

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Awareness, Education, Prevention - $150,000

  • Share 5WAVES' compelling stories and call to action via speaking engagements, media appearances,  publications,  and interviews

  • Inform the public and reach out to survivors and families via social media

  • Create webinars and quick reference guides for professional development and training in fields that respond to sibling sexual trauma 

  • Reach parents, schools and communities with awareness, strategies for prevention and early detection, and guidance on how to respond.


"Sibling sexual trauma is thought to be one of the most common forms of sexual harm to children. It devastates families and individuals like little else. Yet it is the least understood, least reported, least talked about of any kind of sexual violation." 

~Brandy Black,  


"Five years ago, I Googled Sibling Sexual Abuse, and what popped up was three outdated articles from ten years ago. Even today the third search result is, ‘Is Sibling Sexual Abuse a thing?’ " 

~Jane Epstein, TEDx Talk: Giving Voice to Sibling Sexual Abuse, January 2022

Support - $200,000

  • ​Provide families with a series of initial consultations with local licensed professionals to assess their unique situation and point them toward appropriate resources

  • Sponsor healing through writing workshops for adult survivors

  • Create a framework for a peer mentoring program, so that parents who have faced sibling sexual trauma in their families can help guide and support others going through the process

Research - $150,000


"Interventions with families who have experienced sibling sexual abuse are under-evaluated, and there are no evidence-based approaches to date."  

~Peter Yates and Stuart Allardyce, Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Knowledge and Practice Overview, Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse, January 2021

  • Fund research for publication to answer basic questions such as: ​

    • How common is sibling sexual trauma?

    • What puts children at risk for sibling sexual abuse?

    • What works to prevent it?

    • What types of treatment are effective–at healing trauma, at preventing future abusive behavior, at restoring family functioning?

  • Present a one-day virtual conference to share information with practitioners from all over the world.

  • Develop tools to guide professionals in responding effectively

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