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Revealed: the hidden crime of sibling sexual abuse by Decca Aitkenhead

The Sunday Times Magazine, 17 March, 2024

Excellent overview of sibling sexual abuse. Features interview with Jane Epstein of 5WAVES. 

Hope Sittler shares her experience as a parent of sibling sexual trauma, with Eileen Finan and Abby Roedel of People Magazine. 

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Jane also tells her story here on the web page. She also offers her voice as a member of the RAINN speakers bureau. 

"I thought it was normal til I had sex ed class."  

Laura Rowe recounts her journey from childhood, through realization, to motherhood, to her decision to report her brother Kent Rowe to police, to his conviction, to joining the legal profession. Nina Funnell's article includes an exclusive interview with Laura, as well as important information for the general public on sibling sexual abuse. 

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Brandy Black's guest blog for Defending Young Minds addresses Seven Myths That Endanger Children and Disempower Parents surrounding sibling sexual trauma. The Defending Young Minds Blog is also full of information to help parents navigate online safety, a key component of preventing SST.

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