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Giving Voice To Sibling Sexual Abuse

Jane Epstein, 5WAVES co-founder, took the stage of the Boca Raton TEDx convention to raise awareness about sibling sexual trauma and abuse. 

“This is a terrific talk - powerful, moving, informative and full of hope.” 

~Peter Yates, Social Worker & thought leader in the subject of SST

"Having a fellow SSA survivor so smart, brave, and amazing like you representing us gives me the incredible feeling that, someday in the near future, parents won't run away from this complex subject like many of ours did, and that people like us will finally have the courage to speak up sooner. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” 

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out of the shadows.


5WAVES co-founder Maria Socolof tells her story of surviving, repressing, remembering, and healing from sibling sexual trauma in this interview with Gloria Masters' Handing the Shame Back podcast, based in New Zealand. 

5WAVES made a group guest appearance for the Sexual Assault and Advocacy Network, introducing our group and our work and sharing ways that sexual assault organizations can include, serve and advocate for survivors of sibling sexual abuse and trauma. 

Jane Epstein of 5WAVES joins other survivors from the RAINN Speakers Bureau in sharing their stories of healing and speaking out to help others in this January 2023 Survivor Summit interview with Sierra Scott of RAINN.

A male survivor speaks out: Gloria Masters interviews Phil Goldstein, poet and author of How to Bury a Boy at Sea

Maria Socolof joins other survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse in this spoken word event, celebrating the premier of the book Hush No More: Healing Through Words

Survivor Brinn Langdale, LMFT, appears on Chris GT Gordon's Scar Bearers podcast in an episode titled "How to Forgive and Inspire." Brinn shares her passion to reach other young people who are struggling as she did. 

Jane Epstein appears on Good Morning Joy with Shari Alyse.

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