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School Staff

"I'm a very big enthusiast for comprehensive school-based prevention education.  I think it's one of the best tools we have [to prevent child sexual abuse]...and is the one that I think deserves our priority attention." 
David Finkelhor, Director, Crimes Against Children Research Center
  • Choose and consistently implement a child safety and boundaries curriculum that starts as soon as children enter your school and continues through the teen years. 

  • Include all children, especially those with atypical intellectual or social development who are at higher risk to be harmed and who may need very specific information about sexual boundaries and social cues. 

  • Educate staff on the prevalence of sibling sexual trauma–on average, one child in each 5th grade class has already been affected.

  • Include the possibility of disclosure of sexual abuse by a sibling in mandatory reporting continuing education materials.

  • Include the possibility of child-on-child or sibling sexual abuse in education for both children and parents around body safety.

  • Include the message that children should not touch the private parts of other children

  • Include the message that children should not suggest or encourage other children to look at images that include private parts

  • Include the message that children should not share with other children images that show private parts.

  • Educate staff that children who engage in inappropriate or harmful sexual behavior should receive help, but should NOT be labeled or demonized or assumed to be destined to continue to sexually harm children for their whole lives.

  • Have materials, resources, and referrals ready to respond to children who have been harmed, children who have harmed, and their parents–including those who are parents of both the survivor and the offender. (click below for resource links)


Resource to Share

This flyer was developed by 5WAVES to educate school staff on sibling sexual trauma and abuse.  It is designed to increase awareness of SST, readiness to respond effectively, and suggestions to include risks associated with SST in body safety and consent education. The flyer is available in three versions: US, UK, and AU. It is available to download, share, print, or copy free of charge, if it is used in its entirety and not altered. 

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