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Confronting and Healing
Sibling Sexual Trauma

Education &

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Research Survey Opportunity

Leading researchers are seeking 5000 responses worldwide from people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds who grew up with a sibling.  Click here to participate; please consider sharing! 

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3 out of 4 professionals report little or no training 

1 in 25


An estimated 80 million children worldwide have experienced sibling sexual trauma or abuse

9 in 10

Don't Tell

88% don't tell anyone till adulthood, if they ever tell at all

Adults struggle to identify and respond appropriately

See What Do We Know for more details and information. 

Giving Voice To Sibling Sexual Abuse

Jane Epstein, 5WAVES co-founder, took the stage of the Boca Raton TEDx convention to raise awareness about sibling sexual trauma and abuse. 

“This is a terrific talk - powerful, moving, informative and full of hope.” 

~Peter Yates, Social Worker & thought leader in the subject of SST

"Having a fellow SSA survivor so smart, brave, and amazing like you representing us gives me the incredible feeling that, someday in the near future, parents won't run away from this complex subject like many of ours did, and that people like us will finally have the courage to speak up sooner. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” 

Over 300,000 Views

Please share the video so that together

we can bring this silent epidemic

out of the shadows.


What is 5WAVES?

5WAVES is a not-for-profit promoting Worldwide Awareness, Voice, Education and Support around Sibling Sexual Trauma--child sexual abuse caused by a sibling. The founders of 5WAVES are five women in five different time zones, working to break through the dark shadows of a silent epidemic. As survivors and parents, they each found themselves utterly alone for years and even decades, as they faced the effects of sibling sexual trauma (SST) on their lives and families. Sibling sexual trauma is real. It happens in all types of families. In fact, it is one of the most common forms of child sexual abuse both in the US and worldwide. 

Who We Are

And yet...

The stigma and silence surrounding SST is so great that there is very little information or resources available to support those who are affected by it. The greatest tragedy is that this silence allows sibling sexual trauma to continue unabated. Since October 2021, 5WAVES has been connecting and collaborating worldwide to shatter the silence around sibling-caused sexual harm. They are working to ensure that others facing this multifaceted trauma will have access to support and know that they are not alone. These five women are creating waves of change, to bring sibling sexual trauma out of the shadows so people around the world can talk about it, heal from it, and prevent it.

Information & Support Available NOW!

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Private Support Group for

Parents of SST

Created & Moderated by



Created by 5WAVES

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Private Support Group for

Adult Survivors of SST

Created & Moderated by EmpowerSurvivors

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