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Resources for Parents

General Prevention Resources

"I would rather 'impact the innocence of my children through conversation' than have the innocence of my children impacted by sibling sexual abuse."

Nancy Morris, Founder of #SiblingsToo

Safe Sites for Information on Sexuality for Teens

Preventing Harmful Sexual Behavior in Older Children

and Adolescents


Online Safety and

Managing Porn Exposure

Resources for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Delays,

or Neurodiversity


​​​If You Suspect a Problem

  • If a child tells you about abuse  - Comprehensive and specific guidance on how to respond if a child reports or if you suspect sexual harm to a child. Includes information on responding to the person reported or suspected of causing the harm.  From the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, UK

  • Tip Sheet: Warning Signs of Possible Sexual Abuse In A Child's Behaviors from Stop It Now! US  (Be aware that many children who are being sexually abused show no warning signs whatsoever.)

  • Tip Sheet: Signs That a Child or Teen May Be At-Risk to Harm Another Child from Stop It Now! US (Be aware that many children who sexually harm others show no warning signs whatsoever.) 

  • When to Speak Up - Guidance on how to respond if you suspect either an adult or another child is sexually harming a child from The Mama Bear Effect, US

  • If your child gets into trouble online - Guidance for parents on how to handle a discovery of inappropriate online sexual behavior.  From Parents Protect, UK

  • Children’s Sexual Behaviours: A Parent’s Guide - Includes information on what behavior is normal vs. concerning or dangerous at different ages, as well as how to respond to concerning or harmful sexual behavior in children. Note: The original version of this guide was developed in 2001 by Randall Fletcher, Prince Edward Island Sexual Deviance Specialist, and reprinted in 2005. This 2013 edition of the guide is an updated and expanded version of the original resource for parents and others wanting information on children’s sexual development.

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