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Criteria for Collaboration


5WAVES welcomes opportunities to join with other organizations and individuals to prevent sibling sexual trauma as well as all other types of child sexual abuse, exploitation and assault. We recognize that sexual abuse by a sibling creates vulnerability to sexual violence and exploitation across the survivor’s lifespan. 


5WAVES, Inc  is focused specifically on awareness, prevention and needs of the individuals and families facing the unique, wide-ranging and often-overlooked devastation of sexual trauma inflicted by one sibling on another. By “siblings,” we include any children who are related by biology or by living in the same household. However, we recognize that sexual trauma inflicted by cousins or other peers, or sexual trauma to an adult sibling has many similarities. We hope our efforts and resources will bring hope and healing to those affected as well.


In keeping with our mission, we use the following criteria to guide our evaluation of possible resources, links, and collaborators:


  • Resources should include the possibility that children and teens, including siblings, can cause sexual trauma to other children in their lives.

  • Resources should use language that recognizes the seriousness of harm that can be caused by siblings and other children, and the need to respond to promote safety and healing for children who have been harmed.

  • Resources should use language that respects the humanity –including responsibility–of all people who have caused sexual harm to their siblings or other children, and that recognizes the developmental level, need for treatment and potential for positive change among children and teens who have displayed problematic sexual behavior.

  • We seek resources that are evidence-based to the extent that is possible.

  • We seek resources that resonate with the lived experience of our founding members and board of directors.

Please contact us if you have any questions or interest in collaborating with 5WAVES!

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