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It is almost unbelievable that, as of New Years 2022, there was no website devoted to the most common form of childhood sexual trauma in the world. So 5WAVES co-founder Brandy Black took it upon herself to create one, based on her personal experience as a parent of SST and on a growing body of research. 5WAVES now hosts, the only known comprehensive website devoted specifically to sibling sexual trauma or abuse. The site has reached survivors, parents, people who have caused harm, allies, and professionals in over 70 countries, on every continent.

Support Group Exclusively for Parents Coping with SST

There are some online support groups for parents of sexually abused children and for survivors of child sexual abuse. Until March '21, there were no support groups exclusively for parents coping with SST. The complexities of being a parent of both a child victim and the child who harmed are unmatched. Hope Sittler, 5WAVES co-founder, created and moderates a private Facebook group for parents in this exact situation. The group has grown to 200+ members in just one year. Given the taboo and secrecy behind sibling sexual trauma, these numbers are only a start. With press coverage, we can expand our reach to help the millions facing this epidemic start to receive the support they need.

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