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What You Can Do

Stay Updated, Tell Us How You Can Help

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Participate in Research

Help fill the critical need for research including and relating to sibling sexual trauma. Here are research projects that are currently seeking subjects. Click on each to learn more. 

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Information & Support

If you or anyone you know has been personally affected by sibling sexual trauma or abuse, share our support website,
If you or anyone you know is a parent coping with sibling sexual trauma, share our parents only Facebook support group, Parents Coping with Sibling Sexual Trauma & Abuse.

What Do I Say? How Do I Respond?

If a child, or an adult recalling a childhood experience, ever tells you about an unwanted, confusing or concerning sexual experience, remember: Listen, Believe, Find Help  

  • Take it seriously. Stay calm and show concern. 

  • “I’m glad you told me.”  

  • “It was not your fault.” 

  • “Is there anything else you would like to tell me?”

  • “Let’s find some help for this,” (child/teen) or "Is there any way I can help you find help for this?" (adult)

  • You don’t have to know much or provide everything they need.

  • If it is a child or teen, you DO need to persist in following up until a qualified adult takes the child’s safety seriously.

  • More guidance on following up on reported or suspected sexual abuse of a child at The Mama Bear Effect

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