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What You Can Do

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Information & Support

If you or anyone you know has been personally affected by sibling sexual trauma or abuse, share our support website,
If you or anyone you know is a parent coping with sibling sexual trauma, share our parents only Facebook support group, Parents Coping with Sibling Sexual Trauma & Abuse.

What Do I Say? How Do I Respond?

If a child, or an adult recalling a childhood experience, ever tells you about an unwanted, confusing or concerning sexual experience, remember: Listen, Believe, Find Help  

  • Take it seriously. Stay calm and show concern. 

  • “I’m glad you told me.”  

  • “It was not your fault.” 

  • “Is there anything else you would like to tell me?”

  • “Let’s find some help for this,” (child/teen) or "Is there any way I can help you find help for this?" (adult)

  • You don’t have to know much or provide everything they need.

  • If it is a child or teen, you DO need to persist in following up until a qualified adult takes the child’s safety seriously.

  • More guidance on following up on reported or suspected sexual abuse of a child at The Mama Bear Effect

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