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Jane Epstein tells the story of her complicated personal experience and her journey to giving voice and advocating against sibling sexual trauma and abuse. Jane eloquently gives voice to the lived experience of survivors, parents and even those living with regret for sexually violating a sibling on this OneVoice podcast

Do you have a story of sibling sexual trauma that you are wanting to share? Nancy Morris of is collecting anonymous, non-traceable stories to use for research and to inform her podcast series. Survivors, parents, and those who have caused harm in the past are all welcome to participate.

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Jane Epstein tells her story here on the web page. She also offers her voice as a member of the RAINN speakers bureau. 

Read 5WAVES own Maria Socolof's memoir, The Invisible Key: Unlocking the Mystery of My Chronic Pain. With honesty and clarity, Maria tells her story of struggle to find relief and understanding for sudden and debilitating pain, leading to the surprising discovery of her own memory of sibling sexual trauma. 

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Join Jane Epstein as she shares her story with Dr. Vanessa Dunn-Guyton in this 2021 conversation for the Hush No More Champions series.

5WAVES' Maria Socolof joins with other survivors of sexual assault, abuse and trauma in this Spoken Word Event and published poetry collection, a project of Hush No More

Jane Epstein of 5WAVES joins other survivors from the RAINN Speakers Bureau in sharing their stories of healing and speaking out to help others in this January 2023 Survivor Summit interview with Sierra Scott of RAINN.

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