What We Are Doing

Current Projects

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Future Plans and Dreams

  • Add nation-specific information to make siblingsexualtrauma.com a truly worldwide resource

  • Record webinars with training for professionals 

  • Reach today's parents and schools with awareness and strategies for effective prevention and early detection/intervention

  • Work with partners for a worldwide annual conference and awareness day on sibling sexual trauma 

  • Sponsor research to gain desperately-needed information on the realities of sibling sexual trauma today and how to prevent it

  • Develop a network of crisis response professionals to guide parents to appropriate resources and support during the crucial and shocking initial response to a disclosure of sibling sexual trauma

  • Continue to offer our voices to raise awareness via public appearances, publications, interviews and social media

  • Promote connection, collaboration and cohesion among parents, agencies and professions responding to sibling sexual abuse and trauma


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