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What do parents need to know? No parent expects sibling sexual trauma to happen within their home--including those who find out at some point that it already has. It can happen in any  family. So how do parents even talk to their children about this? What do you do if you discover or suspect it might have happened already? Rosalia Rivera of Consent Parenting talks with Hope, parenting in the aftermath of SSA, and Jane and Maria, adults living and healing after childhood sibling sexual trauma. 

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Have you ever heard someone say that they forgot being sexually assaulted? Do you believe them? Did you forget? Join Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton and Maria Socolof as they discuss how someone can forget being sexually traumatized. If you are dealing with your own trauma or you don't believe that this can happen...join the conversation in this Facebook Live Interview.

5WAVES co-founder, Jane Epstein, gave a training for Stop It Now!, a survivor-founded organization that has been working to prevent all forms of child sexual abuse for over 30 years.


5WAVES made a group guest appearance for the Sexual Assault and Advocacy Network, introducing our group and our work and sharing ways that sexual assault organizations can include, serve and advocate for survivors of sibling sexual abuse and trauma. 

Jane Epstein joins author Brad Watts and Incest AWARE co-founder on this OutSPOKEN Series interview on sibling sexual abuse, 2021.


Maria Socolof joins somatic psychology pioneer Dr. Pat Ogden to talk about the connection between childhood sexual trauma and lifelong physical pain, on this episode of Incest AWARE's OutSPOKEN video series. 

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